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Hungry For The Word

Hungry For The Word has a vision for a place where men can come together as believers in Christ to build, learn, and be leaders. Held every Tuesday on Zoom at 7pm cst, we invite you to join this men’s ministry and see how God can move in your life! Click the image to Join!

Conquer Series

A free 10 week Zoom interactive online program to help free men from lust, pornography addiction and its bondage. With proven strategies, biblical principles and practical tools that can be implemented into your daily battle, we encourage all men to join! Click the image for more information on when the next program starts!

The Wednesday ONE!

Each week on Wednesday, The Human One brings you a new ONE. An idea, song, verse, quote, story or anything else! You will find it here! Click the image to see the new ONE for this week!

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Hungry For The Word

One of the things we want to do here at Good Christian News is promote community! If your looking for a good men’s group to join this is the one here! Meeting locally and remote every Tuesday at...

Conquer Series

Coming up in March we are starting up a class called Conquer Series. This class is free to join it is a 10 week program to help free men from sexual, pornography, addiction and bondage. With proven...

Good Christian News!

Welcome to Good Christian News! We are building a community where everyone can come and get the latest happenings from the body of Christ.  Through teaching and education, events going on, news around...

Proverbs a Day

This month we started a Proverbs a day out of the Book of Proverbs challenge. Each day we read one Proverbs and then get together with our friends and share revelation that we got from that Proverbs...

Hallelujah Challenge

If your friends didn’t tell you let me be the first to let you know that the Hallelujah Challenge is back for February 2024! Never heard of it? Cool, the Hallelujah Challenge is a program of...


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