Conquer Series

Coming up in March we are starting up a class called Conquer Series.

This class is free to join it is a 10 week program to help free men from sexual, pornography, addiction and bondage. With proven strategies, biblical principles and practical tools that can be implemented into your daily battle, we encourage all men to join and get the freedom that was paid for you by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. 

This will be a morning meeting zoom class every Wednesday at 6:30 am cst.  At completion you will receive a certificate and a Conquer token to remind you of your victory. But most importantly during this time we get a band of brothers that will help you through this and hopefully stay with you on your journey. 

After the class we will continue to meet in our mens ministry Hungry For The Word click here for more details on joining that.

If interested in stepping into freedom go here and send us an email and in the message type Conquer!

We Want To See You Free! It’s never too late, regardless where you may feel you are at, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!